Born in Massachusetts and raised as an "Air Force brat," I rode with my two younger sisters in the back seat of our station wagon on cross-country trips to Dad's new duty stations, treasuring our stops at cafes, gas stations, tourist-trap shops, and classic motels. With each new set of neighborhood kids, I was the young "director" who (inspired by TV and movie Westerns) passed out cap guns and other props for cowboy and Indian games.

Artist Statement
I am an artist. Art isn’t my job. It's a way of life. It's about feelings and emotions, concepts and observations, saying what I have to say with paint. I do my artwork for the love of it, and to share what I see and feel. Like Norman Rockwell, one of my heroes, I want others to experience the things of our culture, and of days gone by, but in a fresh and unusual way.

Coco Cola Cowboy, 40 x 30, Watercolor and Acrylic $3,550

Crossing Guard, 40 x 30, Water Media, $3,550

Risk Manager, Water Media, 40 x 30 $3,150

Risk Manager, Water Media, 40 x 30 $3,150

Be-Bop-A-Lula, 48 x 36 Acrylic and Collage, $4,150