dave heckendorn

Expedition Photography is NOT a catch phrase or tag line.

It's years of living 'on the road' and traveling so much I stopped counting after 100,000 miles. So many days, months, years to get what can be only seconds of magic.

I don't claim to be better than anyone in the fine art photography world BUT I claim to be different. Trying to find my own place or at least different angle/lighting...

To capture something that is so SPECIAL to me and to have it translate to others that is really a very special moment that someone 'feels' (even a little) what I felt during those precious moments. 

Don't want to sit in a basement or my VW 'Westy' and create an image, I want to be there when that full moon 'melts' into the alpenglow behind Telescope Peak above the Badwater Basin in Death Valley, that's where the Magic happens.

To be able to have an image tell half of my story, makes the other half VERY simple to explainl. Limited Gallery locations, VERY limited editions, I believe sets my work apart from the crowd.

Dave Heckendorn - Expedition Photography