gregory simmons

Gregory Simmons is a contemporary realist painter composing a series of close up landscapes to a bit of surreal, intertwining still lives of reflective and transparent objects from his studio in Atascadero, California.

Travel has been fundamental to Greg’s development as an artist. Living in Hawaii for a short period at eighteen opened his eyes to adventure and life’s possibilities. Immersion in other cultures and observation of artists from Denmark, New Zealand and Australia, influenced his luminous detailed glazing technique with acrylics. 

Balancing Act, Canvas, 24x36 $3300

Longhorn & Magpie, Canvas, 24x40 $2850

Nature's Bullseye, Canvas, 36x36 $4200

Precarious, Canvas, 20x36 $3600

Three Amigos, Canvas, 24x36

Water Hazard 7, Canvas, 30x40

Water Hazard 8, Canvas, 30x36