Joe Patane grew up in Rome, New York. "I’ve always loved art, and it has been something I wanted to pursue most of my life. But I wasn’t sure what medium would best express my ideas until college.

In 2000 I entered Alfred University to pursue art and graphic design and through those courses I found glassblowing. I had really cool teachers and the medium was sweet. Starting out in college, I decided glass was a good source to translate my ideas and to get an audience. I also paint landscapes and space scenes and do metal work for my light sculptures."

My inspiration

I moved to Dillon, Colorado, in 2009 to pursue glassblowing and go snowboarding on larger mountains than we had back east. I find inspiration through my runs on the mountain. Whether it’s the colors, shapes or views I find those aspects reflect the scenery in my work. For me, it’s about recording what I see or take in while I’m out in the world. That’s what art is.

Over the past six years I’ve developed a broad network of clients, collectors and community supporters, which I consider one of my greatest successes. I exhibit my work not only online, but also through commissioned pieces, festivals, art shows, in galleries at Boulder’s 29th Street Mall and at Denver’s Arts District on Santa Fe.

I recently moved to Arvada and, while I’m excited to be there, it’s been a challenge moving my studio and trying to maintain my business. Always moving, I find I have a lot of energy to do a variety of pieces at the same time. I love being resourceful, creating multiple projects at once and calling it art.

In my spare time

Outside of my art, I spend time prepping for the winter, hanging out with friends and collecting sunglasses. It’s my something that I collect, — everybody should have a hobby or something to collect and sunglasses are mine. I have a rotating case of 20 pairs, all of which are roughly the same style.

Inspired by nature and the world around me, I would tell others that they should always: Stay hungry, Stay foolish and always, always, be dedicated to your craft and keep moving forward.



GLASS VASE 7 X 7 IN $225.

GLASS VASE 12 X 8 $475

 GLASS VASE 12 X 8 IN $250

GLASS VASE 12 X 8 IN $250

 GLASS BOWL 9 IN $350.



GLASS 14 IN $1200