Michele Messenger

Michele fell in love with encaustic painting long before she knew what it was. “I took my first workshop in 2012 and was hooked on the versatility, the translucency and the tactile qualities of working in bees wax. The smell of melting wax and the bees that come visit are a bonus.”

Michele was raised in the midwest, and has called Denver, CO home for over 40 years. In addition to her works, Michele is a freelance graphic designer and an assistant teacher/volunteer at Art Students League of Denver.

Artist Statement
“Your mom was wrong. She instructed you to keep your hands to yourself and not touch the art. I give you permission to touch my encaustic paintings. Besides, resistance is futile; they practically beg to be touched. I fell in love with encaustic painting long before I knew what it was. Like most people, I thought the translucency was intriguing, the tactile qualities were irresistible, and the endless possibilities made me think that this wax stuff could be just what I needed to dive into. And I was right! Working in wax allows me to organize and plan (I’m that kind of creative) and then sometimes reacts in ways I didn’t foresee and I go along for the ride (that kind of creative, too). I’ve always been drawn to art that makes me smile, so my graphic, whimsical designs — sometimes with super long legs — does that and more."

Touching is allowed. Almost always.”
-Michele Messenger

“MINT DOTS” Wax on wood, 8” x 8” $130

“GREEN DOTS” Wax on wood, 8” x 8” $130

“MONO VILLAGE” Wax on wood, 24” x 12” $570

“MONO FLOWER” Wax on wood, 5” x 16” $165