Tracy Miller

Tracy was obsessed from a young age with art, horses--and the wide open spaces of the West. I earned my Bachelors degree in Art from Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado. My favorite thing to do is drive the back roads of Colorado and National Parks of the West to seeking inspiration for my art. I reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado where I live with an awe-inspiring view of Pikes Peak, and in an urban interface with wild animals to observe.

Artist Statement
"My Contemporary Western Expressionist paintings are based on my love of the West. My Dad exposed me to the great outdoors, instilling a love of the land and wide open skies. My Mom influenced my love of art and culture." I grew up riding horses, and animals in nature are my passion. My paintings are done in bold brushstrokes and highly charged colors. I use a varied and distinct palette to build up layers and define the shapes and markings of the animals I paint. In doing so, I strive to capture their essence and energy."

“MILLER, GREAT HORNED OWL” Acrylic on Canvas, 36” x 36”

“GREEN DOTS” Wax on wood, 8” x 8” $130

“MONO VILLAGE” Wax on wood, 24” x 12” $570

“MONO FLOWER” Wax on wood, 5” x 16” $165